ready to ramble

Welcome to my first personal blog.

In the past, I have done a handful of Chicago Tribune event-related blogs and I will be blogging again for the Trib from the Summer Olympics in Beijing, but I recently have felt the need to have an extra outlet for some of the huge amount of images that I create on a daily basis that are unseen.

This will be the outlet for those images and for random commentary on photojournalism.

A big chunk of this blog will be new stuff from my farm/subdivision diptych project so I will start out by showing one of my recent favorites.

The photo on the right, I made on my first visit to shoot on Cinnamon Court in the Willow Walk subdivision, the home of the Grebenhofers. The kids belong to the Grabenhofers’ next door neighbors.

Despite the fact that this image was shot in April 2007, I just recently made the connection to the photo on the left.

One Response to “ready to ramble”

  1. I really like your work! I would like to ad yuor blog to mine if you don’t mind.

    Ron Tremain

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