up against the wall

By strazz

May 24, 2008

Category: Sports

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I love baseball.

Baseball has been my favorite sport ever since I can remember. Some of my first baseball memories were as a little tyke when I would wake up early in the morning to watch the baseball highlights on the old Ray Raynor show on Channel 9 in Chicago.

I also fondly remember sitting in the first row of the upper deck at Wrigley Field in the early 1970s eating KFC chicken out of the bucket during a Cubs’ double header. Try sneaking a bucket of chicken into the park nowadays.

Another highlight was sitting in the Comiskey Park stands during Disco Demolition Night back in 1979. That was a crazy night.

In Chicago, if you like baseball you have to choose a side. I am a White Sox fan even though as a youngin, my dad and I would go to White Sox games and cheer for the visiting team. You see, my dad is a Cubs’ fan. He is a gracious Cubs’ fan though. Back when my team won the World Series, I could hear the pain in his voice as he congratulated me on the victory. I hope the Cubs win it all one of these days just so my dad can feel the excitement I did three years ago.

Back in 2005, I was lucky enough to get to photograph the Sox championship run including all four of the World Series’ games. The weird thing though is that when I have my sports photographer hat on I am a fan of whichever team makes the best photos. If I am shooting the Sox and a favorable play by the opposing team makes the best photo, I quietly root for the opposing team to win so that my best photo is the most significant. Luckily, the Sox made all the plays make in 2005 so I never had to cheer for the Astros.

At today’s Sox/Angels game there were no best photos, only a handful of average ones. In that case, I turn in whatever I have from the game’s turning point. Today that was a 6th inning home run by Vlad Guerrero. I shot the swing, the pitcher’s reaction and the outfielder’s reaction.

Brian Anderson watching the ball fly into the bleachers was the best of the three. I think what makes the photo however is the sour look on White Sox legend Billy PIerce’s portrait on the outfield wall.

Tomorrow, I am off work so I will be back to being a Sox fan. But wait, one of my fantasy baseball team’s starting pitchers is throwing against the Sox and I need the points to win this week.

Oh, the drama.



One Response to “up against the wall”

  1. I liked that one the best too. -jk

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