loose cattle

On my first visit to the Willow Walk subdivision in April of 2007, I noticed that one of the Cinnamon Court homes had a Loose Cattle sign hanging in the garage.
I would later find out that the sign belonged to Bob Moore, Ed and Amanda Grabenhofers’ next door neighbor.
Almost everytime that I have gone to visit the Grabenhofers, the Moore’s garage door has been closed or their minivan has been parked on the right hand side of the garage blocking the sign from sight.
When I stopped by the Grabenhofers this afternoon, the first thing I noticed was that Bob and his daughter Avery were in their garage building a barbeque grill and their vehicle was in the driveway.
I quickly greeted Ed and Amanda and I then scooted over to ask Bob if I could photograph the sign.
As I have been constructing diptychs for the past year or so (go to here if you don’t know what I am referring to), I knew that someday the loose cattle photo that I would eventually make would be a good match for an image I have of a Winlow cattle sign from the Cagwins’ front porch.
As I shot the scene today, I knew that besides the sign and door, my Cagwin photo also had a silhouetted Jean Cagwin in it. I first worked Bob’s slihouetted reflection in his garage door and then shot Avery standing inside the house.
Although Bob’s silhouette is more of a literal comparison, I liked this version better.


One Response to “loose cattle”

  1. how does one show the shaking of their head in admiring awe in an email?
    the time and energy and dedication to a story is the ‘easy’ part of our profession.
    but you can’t blood-sweat-and-tear serendipity to happen.
    scott, man…. you’ve been blessed. thanks for letting us share that with you.

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