taking a peek

By strazz

May 26, 2008

Category: home life

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Yesterday, my wife Anna and I stopped by to check on the progress of the house we are having built in Yorkville, Illinois.
I currently live in Frankfort, which is 35 miles from the Tribune Tower and a pretty easy 35-40 minute commute. Yorkville is 51 miles away from downtown so it will add a bit to my trip into the city but since I will be shifting to a night shift on June 1st, the drive shouldn’t be as horrid as it would be in the am.
Also, I will be the only photographer living way out in Kendall County, America’s fastest growing county, so I will most likely get my fair share of work out there.
I am looking forward to the new shift and the new “territory”.
Sorry for the quality of this frame but my Blackberry camera phone doesn’t deal well with highlights.


One Response to “taking a peek”

  1. Enjoy building the house you guys, it’s so cool to watch it grow. Ray and I wrote our names and stuff all over the 2×4’s before they put up drywall. Try it it’s fun!

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