little moments

I’ve said it before but I will say it again, I adore photographing everyday life.

As a newspaper photographer, I am present at some incredibly dramatic events. Almost everything I document for my daily job is newsworthy.

I am sent to places when people are at either the highest or lowest points in their lives. I photograph protests, rallies, sports tournaments, house fires, storm damage, drug court graduations, births and funerals.

On the rare occasion that my subjects are living their daily lives, I am there because there is something about them that makes them different from the general population.

I prefer to shoot people who are the same as everyone else or at least the same as most of their subculture.

This is why my self-generated assignments and personal projects tend to focus on the mundane. However, the thing that I have realized is that within the mundane are dramatic events. Little moments that shape a person and show their character. Little moments that are specific yet universal.

One of those little moments occurred yesterday when Aiden Grabenhofer, wearing a camouflage cast from a recent broken leg, visited with his friend Charlie Retusnic, wearing a boot to immobilize his lower leg to aid in blood flow to help his bones grow. Something about their expressions and the repetition of their leg issues seemed both sad and sweet to me.

Everytime I visit the Grabenhofers, one of 11 families living on a cul de sac and one of hundreds of families in the Willow Walk subdivision,  I photograph things that excite me, inform me and keep me coming back for more.




2 Responses to “little moments”

  1. great to see you bloggin for yourself scott….love the mundane myself and the little moments in life that help bring color to the big picture

  2. Me too. I wish I had the ability to capture more of those moments.

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