the final season

By strazz

May 30, 2008

Category: Sports


In today’s Chicago Tribune sports section, the final installment of my three team “The Season” photo column appeared.

It was a great joy and privilege to get to travel along with the Joliet Catholic girls volleyball squad, the Fenger boys basketball team and the Evanston girls soccer program throughout the 2007-08 school year.

The column was probably a little less successul than my “Heart and Soul” photo column only because it was so narrowly focused. I personally liked working on The Season better but the web hit counters at my newspaper didn’t think that it had wide enough appeal to continue.

So, that leaves me without a photo column idea for next school year. I hope to come up with another idea but at this point my brain is just filled with vagaries.

Time will tell.




2 Responses to “the final season”

  1. Man I hate bean counters and I hate web hit counters more…I really enjoyed this column, I could not wait for the new installments. The pictures and stories were great and it comes down to web hits….grrrr. I am sure you will come with something better, but I am saddened that this column is no more.

  2. What a great moment. Nicely done.

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