the early bird gets the photo

I started my new shift yesterday which has me working Sunday to Thursday nights, well, not actually nights, more like 3-11.

One of my assignments yesterday was the end of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. My original assignment was to photograph the closing ceremony at 3pm but fill-in assignment editor for the day, Tom Van Dyke, realized that by 3pm all the walkers would have all ready arrived at Soldier Field and I would be stuck shooting on stage speeches. He called an audible and got me out there at 1pm. He was right.

Photographically, there aren’t many assignments with as many great photo opportunities as this one. It was emotional, uplifting, entertaining and colorful.

As I arrived, a steady stream of walkers were crossing the finish line just east of Soldier Field. I shot a couple mini-celebrations and then decided to head up the finish line to find some people waiting for their loved one to arrive.

I scanned the crowd and noticed Craig Russell of West Dundee sitting with his four children. I asked if I could hang out as they waited. They agreed and Craig told me that his wife Jennifer was 10 minutes away. Jennifer was walking in memory of her aunt who passed away last December.

The kids were super cute and pretty bored but they sat patiently holding their handmade signs in support of their mom.

We waited and waited and waited.

I kept seeing other great photo opportunites passing me by and I started wondering if I should break away from the Russells and follow those. I decided to stick it out and after about a 30 minute wait, I was rewarded with the above image.

As it turned out I was finished by 2:30pm, a half an hour before I originally was scheduled to be there.

Thanks again Tom!





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