the grass is always greener

Should be an eventful week this upcoming week.

First, new Tribune boss Sam Zell promised that there would be a ton of cuts coming to the Chicago Tribune and LA Times. Supposedly, the papers are under a mandate to reduce the amount of content so that it is in line with the amount of ad space. Ergo, less content means less content-providers.

Secondly and on a more personal note. On Friday, I am off to Look3-Festival of the Photograph in Charlottesville, Virginia. Look3 is billed as 3 days of peace, love and photography. The weekend should be a great way to forget about the state of the American newspaper for a couple of days.

On Saturday night at the Festival, a 6-minute multimedia piece on my farm/subdivision project will debut. MediaStorm, Brian Storm’s multimedia production studio, is producing the piece with a longer form project to follow later this year.

I am excited and nervous to be premiering the piece in front of such a photo-savvy audience.

Above, is another diptych from last Friday. On left is Jean Cagwin and on the right is Noel, one of the Grabenhofer dogs.


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