Look3 and Common Ground

Sorry for the recent lack of posts but besides just returning from 3 wonderful days in Charlottesville, Virginia at the Look3 Festival of the Photograph, I also am getting ready to move later this week.

I don’t have much good to say about moving but I have nothing but praise for my weekend at Look3.

So so much fun with great people and equally great work.

The highlights for me were a crazy two-hour presentation by Joel-Peter Witkin who is represented by a gallery here in Chicago.

Some people think that his work is controversial but I thought it was just plain brilliant. I am embarrassed to admit that I wasn’t familiar with Witkin’s work before seeing his presentation but quickly I have become a huge fan.

Mary Ellen Mark and James Nachtwey were the other two featured photographers and their work didn’t disappoint.

Besides the headliners, I loved Brenda Ann Kennealy’s presentation. Kennealy and Laura Lo Forti have an incredible website- The Raw File– that highlights some of the best social documentary work out there.

One of the cool things about Look3 was getting to rub shoulders with Kennealy, Lo Forti and dozens of the absolute rock stars of photography. 

Personally, I had the honor of debuting a preview of the MediaStorm version of my diptych project. This incarnation is titled Common Ground, the third name the project has had. I originally called it Echoes of the Past and then the Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine called it Another Country (ugh! I hate that title) and now it’s Common Ground.

My six minute multimedia piece wrapped up the Festival late Saturday night as the closer in the grand-finale projection. It was quite humbling to follow the amazing work that came before.

Big thanks to Nick Nichols for his passion and energy and for letting his backyard slide show evolve into the coolest photo gathering I have ever attended.


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