at death’s door

I came back from Look3 all pumped up and super excited to get back to shooting. 

Unfortunately, on my first two days back to work I have shot 3 business assignments and a church group making sandwiches. So, to put my positive photo energy to good use, I stopped by the subdivision today after work.

I can always count on something interesting happening at the Grabenhofer’s.

Today’s happening was the death of one of the family’s baby quails. Awhile back, Amanda took possession of 5 adult quails that have now turned into a family of 20 with 40 eggs waiting to hatch. Whew! That’s production.

One of the newly hatched lost the fight for life this afternoon so Amanda took it out, showed it to the triplets and then headed out to the garden with the kids for an impromptu funeral.

I turned one of today’s subdivision shots into a diptych with an image of a Cagwin farm cat dragging a fresh kill through the house.


2 Responses to “at death’s door”

  1. When we met at VNPA earlier this year we spoke briefly about your diptychs and you mentioned that once you got started you started to see the similarities more and more. I see that is still the case. This body of work still does not cease to amaze me. Wonderful stuff!

    Also a great lesson for photographers that always complain about crap assignments.

  2. OK one more thing… after clicking through your blog archives, I saw some other diptychs that you shot recently…. Looking at these images that you keep finding is like watching you win the lottery over and over. But, I never get tired of seeing the next one. Amazing!

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