moving day blues

By strazz

June 22, 2008

Category: home life


I’ve spent the past 3 days moving into my new house in Yorkville, Illinois. Yorkville is a snappy one hour drive  from downtown Chicago but I couldn’t be happier with the move.

We are in a very nice neighborhood with plenty of kids around to play with my four youngins. In one day in Yorkville, I have met more neighbors than I did in the previous six years in Chicago and Frankfort.

My daughter Betsy and son Cameron were pretty bummed to have to leave their friends behind as this image of a depressed Cameron sitting on the moving truck ramp shows but after getting to the new house, they are more excited than sad.


2 Responses to “moving day blues”

  1. Hi Scott, I’ve been following your work through SS for a while. Your Common Ground series is excellent. I do work for a truck magazine, and looking through the pictures on your blog, this one really stood out for me. Very striking light, framing and mood with your son’s bosy language.

  2. oh man. i will never forget the anger i held toward my parents when they moved me from connecticut to st. louis at 14. the memory reminds me how real the emotions of kids are. sometimes it seems easy to say, “they’re just kids, they’ll get over it, no big deal…” but i think they sometimes they feel even more intensely than we do… powerful.

    a very telling moment you’ve captured… and i’m glad they’re settling into the new neighborhood well!

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