rainbow over wrigley

By strazz

June 23, 2008

Category: Sports


There is no better place to shoot a baseball game than at Wrigley Field.

The backgrounds are beautiful, the photo positions are close to the field of play and the whole neighborhood is part of the action.

At last night’s Cubs/Sox game, there was even the added bonus of a rainbow.

Once the rainbow appeared, I ran around trying to find an interesting foreground to add to the beautiful background.

First, I worked a father and son in Cubs’ jerseys but there was an annoying shadow on them and a support wire for the backstop was in the top of the frame.

I then got closer to the field to eliminate the wire from my photo but all I could find were these guys. They worked all right but for some reason the guy’s NY Giants hat bugs me.

This photo didn’t run in the newspaper but appeared on the Trib website with the rest of my photos from the game. Hopefully, it will eventually end up as a double truck in the year end Cubs’ book that the paper puts out when one of Chicago’s teams has a great year.


4 Responses to “rainbow over wrigley”

  1. You rock! Way to hustle and make the photo work.

  2. did it hurt to watch your team get swept? just askin.

  3. just a little…but it will hurt more when they get swept at the Cell next weekend

  4. […] Last time I was at Wrigley Field, I photographed a rainbow before the Cubs/Sox game.  […]

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