thome run

By strazz

June 29, 2008

Category: Sports


For the second Sunday night in a row, I found myself photographing a sweep in the Cubs/Sox interleague series.

Last Sunday, it was the North Siders who embarrassed the South Siders 7-1 at Wrigley Field while this Sunday the AL Central leaders turned the tables on the NL Central leaders finishing off their home field sweep with a 5-1 win at US Cellular Field.

My favorite image of the night was Jim Thome’s 8th inning 2-run bomb that gave the Sox the final margin of victory.

I like this photo because it has context. I spent most of the night shooting with a 400mm lens but decided during Thome’s at bat to switch to my 70-200mm zoom. My hope was that Thome would hit a tater to right field and I could get the crowd behind him reacting to the long ball.

Well, that is exactly what happened.

Once again, it’s better to be lucky than good.


2 Responses to “thome run”

  1. Great picture. If I were a photographer, I would’ve loved to take a picture of Joe Carter’s bomb against the Philles in the World Series back in the early 90’s. He was stoked after he hit it (and rightfully so). But way to go on snagging a great pic.

  2. Even better to be good and lucky!

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