strange fruit

I had a fun day at work on Monday.

My assignment for the day was to hang out in Millennium Park and document the goings on going on around the Chicago 2016 event celebrating the fact that the Windy City has been named a candidate city for the 2016 Olympic Games.

It was a multi-layered assignment. Initially, I was to get in a quick photo or two for the Business section. After that I was on Mayor Daley duty as Hizzoner (His Honor in Chicago speak) arrived to preside over the party/fundraiser.

Once those tasks were done, I hung out and played. 

I made photos of “The Bean”, athletic demonstrations, Chinese dancers and night shots of the Pritzker band shell to just name a few.

I will probably show some of those other snaps later this week but for now I will share my current favorite.

The back story-

As the event-goers enjoyed the cocktail hour, Strange Fruit, the Melbourne, Australia-based performance art company, showed off its amazing talents.

While watching the highly entertaining and photogenic display, I noticed that a good majority of the revelers were paying no attention to the group. That both surprised and disappointed me but all I could do was sigh and make a photograph.


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