working the room

On June 30th, I was assigned to photograph at Linda’s Place, a cozy little bar on the first floor of a brick two-flat in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood.

As I arrived, I knew that I was going to like shooting at Linda’s.

The ceiling was partially covered with balloons from Linda’s Place’s 20-year anniversary party that transpired a couple days before, the mirrored walls illuminated with colored lights were plastered with photographs from the first two decades at the south side club and a White Sox victory was being played out on a corner television.

With this wonderful backdrop, my job was to document a Monday night set by L’Roy and the Bullet Proof Band. L’Roy is L’Roy Perryman, the husband of the club founder Linda Brothers.

After a couple hours of hanging out and watching the band play pool, L’Roy finally emerged from behind the bar, broke into song and worked the room like no entertainer that I had seen before.

From the moment I walked into Linda’s I thought that the balloons on the ceiling would be the photo but L’Roy stole the show.

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