sky ball

By strazz

July 27, 2008

Category: Sports


If you have visited this blog before, you probably have realized that I am quite fond of sky photos.

I also enjoy shooting sports with a wide angle lens.

Today at Chicago Bears’ training camp, I took a break from making glorified head shots with my 400mm lens and shot a bit with my 24-70 zoom.

The point of the exercise was to get a cool pic of Devin Hester to go with the story on his new contract. I did get a couple of Hester that I liked but my favorite by far was this image of 2nd year receiver Mike Hass.


3 Responses to “sky ball”

  1. Love this image of Mike Hass. But what is the “second” football in the air? Is it time lapse of the ball he has in his hand? Thank You

  2. Gregory, the photo is from a drill where two quarterbacks are throwing passes to receivers heading in different directions on the field.
    The second football is heading to another wideout.

  3. I want my Week in Pictures back.


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