playing tourist

I usually don’t gravitate to tourist areas but I decided that I couldn’t visit China and not make a trip to the Great Wall.

On Monday morning, LA Times shooter Rob Gauthier and I grabbed a taxi and headed to Mutianyu to visit the Wall.

We had heard that the Badaling section of the Wall was the most touristy so we chose a nearby alternative.

The Wall was pretty impressive but we were more impressed by a toboggan ride that gets you down from the Wall. The 1580 meter-long stainless steel track snakes its way down the 550 meters from the Wall to a gauntlet of souvenir huts down below. With your toboggan ticket comes a 1 yuan (chinese dollar) insurance policy. How much the policy pays off is a mystery but it didn’t give me a great feeling of confidence in the safety of the ride.

It turned out to be a blast.

Rob and I wanted to pay to get back up to the top and ride it down again.


2 Responses to “playing tourist”

  1. So did you? I love the color in the middle of all that lush greenery.

  2. I rode that toboggan ride. It is a blast. But they wouldn’t let us carry camera’s on the way down. One of our group had to sneak a video camera out to bring back some pictures of the ride. Still seems odd to have this ride on a site that is 2K years old.

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