Flower power

By strazz

August 17, 2008

Category: Sports


Hey all! I am having a blast here at the Olympics in Beijing. Just wanted to remind you all to check out my Chicago Tribune Photo Journal.

Here, is my favorite photo from the first half of the Games. The best part is that I was the only shooter hanging over Debbie Phelps’ shoulder as her son Michael tossed her his flowers from gold medal winning race #6.


10 Responses to “Flower power”

  1. Wow, just an incredible shot, certainly one of a kind from the games that I have seen so far… the sharpness and detail on the flowers is just great.

  2. whoa. nice photo dude.

  3. This is one of the coolest pictures from the olympics that I’ve seen so far.
    The relation between these two has been hyped so much from american TV that it seems to have special meaning to all of us.
    Good job!

  4. Your work never ceases to impress me. Brilliant. Seriously.

  5. This image continues to amaze me– what a great lesson in moving away from the pack. Thank you.

  6. Wow, a great idea and an awesome capture. This is a special shot!

  7. I remember — right after I first saw you’d posted this photo — I was watching the repeated Olympic coverage of that event, and as soon as I saw Phelps making his way out with the flowers, I called my girlfriend over to the TV and took a closer look. Sure enough, we spotted you leaning over and taking this frame. It all happened so quick, but it was really cool to see another angle, and you in the process of making yours.

    As for this one: so great, and so refreshing to see something like this when so many sports photographs are done with long lenses and no intimacy.

  8. oh! what a great shot! love love love it. and by the way, you were the hot talk of the photo room at the grand rapids press (michigan) today… a long-time shooter at the press just couldn’t believe how long you worked on the farm story, and raved and raved about it… 😉

  9. Hello,this is a photo fills with emotion and action, great job, I really like it.
    I hope you can find a way to send it to Debbie, I have a feeling she will love it.

  10. What an amazing opportunity :] You always take such interesting photographs!

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