a corn stalk in willow walk

In Common Ground, Harlow Cagwin says:

“Maybe this stuff shouldn’t be sold. I don’t know. Once a house goes up… you don’t get no more beef or corn. It’s gone.”

Hmmmm… this just might prove Harlow wrong?

One Response to “a corn stalk in willow walk”

  1. Scott Strazzante,

    I found your “Common Ground” piece while checking in at MediaStorm tonight. I’m sure I am not the first to rave but it is masterful. Mostly because of the years of work you put into it and the personal connection with your subjects.

    One of my personal projects is hopefully going to come together before the end of 2008. For many years I have been retracing the travels of the author and photographer of a book about western Pennsylvania’s natural world published in 1958. My goal is to launch a website with an audio narrated version of the original book along with my own updates in sound and photos…..so keep an eye on:


    As a freelancer, every day is a “personal project”. It’s hard to keep believing in yourself without an employer or staff’s daily encouragement. Completed work like yours inspires me to keep pushing ahead–despite the duties of a father of 3!


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