organized chaos

I have always been pretty anal about my compositions. 

I strive to make the perfect frame where everything is in the perfect place with the perfect balance and the perfect composition.

However, when I view other photographers’ work, I am drawn to imperfect images. I am excited by the flaws. I am drawn to photos that break the so-called rules of photography.

So lately, with little success, I have been trying to dirty up my frames a bit. Not make images that lead the viewer’s eye effortlessly around the image. 

Here is one of my latest attempts but if you notice, despite the chaos everything is organized.

Oh, well, I will keep working on it.

4 Responses to “organized chaos”

  1. I’m trying through a similar self transformation. A friend of mine said “You’re a good photographer and all, but I feel like I’ve seen alot of your pictures before.” He’s right. Most of what I strive for is the “postcard” picture. I look at alot of other photographers and envy their ability to see a scene uniquely and portray that in their photographs.

  2. ” when I view other photographers’ work, I am drawn to imperfect images. I am excited by the flaws”

    Boy you should LOVE my photos Scott, full of flaws!

    But seriously I agree. I learned a lot about “loosening up” from a recent workshop with David Allan Harvey. I can be an interesting exercise!

  3. Meant to say “It” can be an interesting exercise.

  4. At the end of the movie PAN’S LABYRINTH, a very scary and seemingly-blind being from the underworld (with no places for eyeballs in his skull) hears the young protagonist in the room… He picks up his eyeballs from the table in front of him and inserts them INTO THE PALMS OF HIS HANDS…! As he holds up his hands in order to look at her, it’s terrifying for both she and the viewer… I love this image of “remote” seeing…

    Perhaps you could experiment some with your eye away from the viewfinder, reaching out to put some object in the foreground or get a different angle, but letting the composition sort of “happen”… Of course you’ll still be aware of what a little tilt or pan will accomplish, even as you’re not allowing yourself to rigorously frame a few shots… Just for kicks… You shoot enough that ripping off a few this way might be fun…

    I love doing this with my 24mm…

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