Sox appeal

Sometimes I am embarrassed that I care so deeply about the Chicago White Sox.

There is a lot going on in this country right now of great importance- severe economic turmoil, a contentious presidential campaign, the Chicago Tribune’s redesign…nevermind.

But seriously, why is it important to me if a squad of millionaires wins a couple baseball games?

Is it civic pride? Do I think that people will think I am cool if my favorite team wins? Would it be different if Chicago only had one baseball team?

The weird thing though is that when I am photographing the White Sox all that goes away.

I still want the Sox to win but I am less upset with a loss as long as I make a nice dejection photo of the losing.

When I am at home and the Sox are sucking, I can’t even watch the game. I was actually depressed last week when the Twinkies were whipping up on my boys. But if I had been in Minneapolis working the game, any outcome would have been fine as long as I got lead art.

So, being my own psychoanalyst, I guess it is all about me. As long as I have something to hang onto- a White Sox win or a good photo of a White Sox loss, I am ok.

But really…Go Sox!!!  I want a free trip to Florida.


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