A win to Dye for

By strazz

October 1, 2008

Category: Sports


Tuesday night was awesome!

The White Sox and Twins played one of the most exciting and well played games that I have ever witnessed.

The scene was US Cellular Field in Chicago and the game was the American League Central Division tiebreaker.

The Sox were trying to become the first team ever to make the playoffs by defeating 3 different teams over 3 consecutive days to end the season.

In addition, the Sox were trying to join the Cubs in the playoffs in the same season for the first time since 1906.

So, obviously, the odds were not in the White Sox favor.

The game was magnificent. John Danks threw 8 innings of 2-hit ball.  Twins’ Michael Cuddyer tried to run over AJ Pierzynski while trying to score on a fly out to Ken Griffey, Jr. but amazingly AJ held onto the ball  (see that photo here on chicagotribune.com), Jim Thome hit a 461-foot bomb for the game’s only run and Brian Anderson made a spectacular diving catch to end the game.

Once the game ended, the real fun began as I raced from the field into the clubhouse then back out onto the field and then out to the outfield as the Sox celebrated their championship.

Now the Sox and I are off to Tampa to see if the fun can continue.


3 Responses to “A win to Dye for”

  1. Scott,
    Impeccable timing, as always. have fun in the post season!!!!

  2. Ahhh, such a waste of good libations. 😉 Great capture.

  3. GO CUBS! — Sorry Scott, had to say it. But a Chicago series would be fantastic to witness. And shoot. Can you imagine what a great photo story would come from that? I am sure you are already thinking about it.

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