the dreaded fan feature

By strazz

October 4, 2008

Category: Sports


On Monday, I wandered around the upper reaches of US Cellular Field making fan photos as White Sox fans hung on every pitch as their beloved boys battled to make the playoffs.

It was the easiest assignment I ever had.

All I had to do was sit in front of a group of fans and just wait for a great photo to present itself.

While in St. Petersburg, I also was responsible for fan photos. Not so easy this time around.

If I had been looking for Rays’ fan photos, it would have been a slam dunk but that wasn’t my goal.

So basically, I wandered around outside “The Trop”, an ugly cement blister that is the home of the Tampa Bay Rays nee Devil Rays, looking for anyone wearing Sox gear. But for every White Sox fan there were two thousand Tampa fans with blue mohawks or aqua afros.

I also was surprised how cocky the Rays’ fans were. For a team making the playoffs for the first time ever after a decade of being in last place you would have thought that they were perennial World Series champions, but I digress.

Anyways, here is my favorite of Sox fan photo from Friday.


2 Responses to “the dreaded fan feature”

  1. Great ad for Pepsi, too.

    Love that tile.

  2. I’m seeing your beautiful blog for the first time after seeing your fantastic and emotive “Common Ground” project. Thanks for have shared with us your great photographs!
    Greetings from Italy

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