grin and bear it

I originally was supposed to photograph the Bears/Vikings game at noon on Sunday, a 48-41 shootout on a beautiful Fall day on the lakefront but instead I was pulled off the game to shoot people arriving at 5pm for the premiere of the stage production Dirty Dancing.

The decision bummed me out since I only get the opportunity to shoot a handful of Bears game each season and even less on days as nice as yesterday.

So, instead of shooting the game, I watched it on TV in the office.

Around 4:30pm, I moped my way over to the Cadillac Palace Theatre.

Once I arrived a strange thing happened. I started having fun. I don’t shoot many Bears games but I shoot even fewer red carpet events.

This was hardly a LA or New York red carpet event, however. The Chicago celebrities were an alderman, two female news anchors and the cast of Jersey Boys.

Still the event was visual and it was a great place to people watch.


One Response to “grin and bear it”

  1. this made me laugh out loud. glad there was a silver lining.

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