an historic night

A month ago, I decided that I wanted to spend Election Day on the South Side of Chicago as Hyde Park neighborhood resident and US Senator Barack Obama vied to become the nation’s first African-American President.

I knew that a Chicago rally with Obama would be special but I felt the need to be out in the neighborhoods with my people- the South Siders.

I researched events and made out a detailed itinerary but as it turned out I barely got to half of the things I had planned to attend.

The highlight of the evening was my stay at Jimmie’s Tap, a neighborhood bar on the edge of the University of Chicago campus. Barack Obama used to frequent Jimmie’s when he was a professor at the U of C’s law school.

The crowd at Jimmie’s was incredibly diverse- young and old, black and white, asian and hispanic, White Sox fan and Cub fan. I photographed the television announcement of the Obama win in a back room filled with students but then moved out to the main bar for Obama’s emotional victory speech.

As Obama talked, the crowd at Jimmie’s quietly soaked in every word. By the end, tears flowed and the room was filled with hope for the future.

For my favorite 10 pix from my election essay go HERE.

One Response to “an historic night”

  1. What an awesome experience you were able to be a part of. Your work is fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing.

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