the election- a question of color

No, this blog post is not a dissertation on the impact race had in the 2008 Presidential Election but rather one of black and white versus color in election photos.

When I originally noodled up my election day plan, I decided that I was going to shoot all day from 6am to midnight on Chicago’s south side with a 50mm lens set at f/1.4 and then convert all the images to black-n-white.

I wanted the images to have a certain feel- timeless.

Now that my shoot has finished and the editing has continued, I keep going back and forth on whether I like the images better in color or black and white.

I actually posted the image above yesterday in black and white for awhile but then switched it out because I think it works better in color.

Any suggestions?

4 Responses to “the election- a question of color”

  1. Hey Scott,

    When I was looking at your SS update, I kept asking myself “I wonder what these look like in color?” For me, there is an immediacy to color, black and white will always be poetic but color is reality. I’m noticing this in my own work and I’m becoming more and more reluctant to convert photos to b&w because I’m more interested in conveying the reality that I’m witnessing through my camera. Also, I’m starting to realize that I’m able to have more of a voice with color. I guess I’m just trying to take that whole genre of concerned b&w white photojournalist into the realm of color photography.

    But, I do like this frame better in color. Would love to see your first photo in your SS gallery in color. Beautiful frame.


  2. Scott,
    To reference to Hopper print properly you need color.
    Great frame!

  3. You had a good reason and a good vision on what you wanted to do. This was such a historic day that in my opinion documenting it in BW is the best way to capture the moment. Let the images talk, not the color.
    Black and white just has that raw documentary feel and I think this situation fits that stlye well.
    My suggestion is to mail me that lens immediately. It’s so sexy.
    Mail to:
    BrokeAss Photographer
    f/4 SLR lane
    Canon, USA

  4. i’m just happy that you used the word “noodled”.

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