that time of the year

I hate to admit it but my name is Scott Strazzante and I am a contest whore.

Tomorrow is (was) the deadline for The Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar contest, the first major photo contest of the year. I say was because in true photojournalism tradition, the deadline was pushed back to Friday in order to accommodate the procrastinators out there who waited until the last minute only to realize that putting together a contest entry takes a ton of time. 

I only procrastinated until yesterday which means I am one of the suckers that paid Fed Ex a bunch of money to overnight my entry only to find out 20 minutes later that the deadline had been extended by two days.

However, I am happy to have the majority of my toning and captioning done so that when the rest of the deadlines approach I will have a lot less work to do.

So for a rundown for you non-contest types out there, first comes Atlanta with a November deadline. then in January the real fun begins with the rapid succession of World Press Photo Contest- the most prestigious of them all, POYi- University of Missouri’s Pictures of the Year International, BOP- National Press Photographers’ Association Best of Photojournalism, iBOP- Illinois’ Press Photographers’ Association Best of Photojournalism, the Southern Short Course in News Photography- where a photographer from Alaska can be named “Southern Photographer of the Year” and finally the Sports Shooter Photo Contest- an off shoot of the quite popular Whew! 

On top of it, all of those contests have different categories, different image specifications and different rules so you pretty much have to start from scratch for each one.

So, I guess I can’t complain because nobody is twisting my arm to enter every contest but it is just so much damn fun winning free cameras that I can’t stop myself.

I am pretty happy with my portfolio this year even though I spent the majority of the year shooting sports which is always the red-headed stepchild of photo contest categories. You know, those categories that contests get out of the way quickly so that the judges can get to the serious stuff.

So, I’ll post a non-sports image today. It’s one of my images from Northern Illinois University Valentine’s Day shootings that was one of the final photos edited out of my portfolio.

4 Responses to “that time of the year”

  1. nice shot. just wondering why you felt it did not fit your portfolio this year?

  2. Matt, in addition to photographing a lot of sports this past year, I also seemed to shoot a ton of death.
    I had 4 or 5 memorial photos with flowers involved and a Michael Phelps photo with flowers in the mix for the portfolio so I ended losing this photo and a couple others that were similar in content and composition. I did enter this as a single, though.

  3. Good luck. Look forward to hearing how you fare and seeing your entries if possible.

    Very poignant capture, love the crosses in that light.

  4. At least you are not in the darkroom anymore. Good luck, you ho.

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