red, white and bulls

By strazz

November 14, 2008

Category: Sports


Something from before Thursday night’s Bulls’ game.

Is it anti-American to shoot photos during the Star Spangled Banner?

3 Responses to “red, white and bulls”

  1. I am quite conflicted with that question too.

    As a veteran, I refuse to take my eyes off the flag while the national anthem is playing and usually get quite irked when people refuse to remove their hats or pay respect to the flag.

    If the day ever comes where I have to take some photos during the Star-Spangled Banner is playing, I will probably do it with much reluctance.

    But overall, I think that it is a personal preference (Especially if you come back with something like this).

  2. I think this picture is worth it as long as you don’t say anything to the cops…
    Very cool

  3. You know, I take photos all the time during the anthem. I remove my hat and try to stay low and as inconspicuous as possible…Distracting? Maybe. Unpatriotic? Nah.

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