band of brothers (and sisters)

At most pro and college venues, the still photographers’ work room is in some dank room in the bowels of the stadium. Besides making a useful bomb shelter, these rooms don’t offer many amenities.

The situation at Ryan Field/Dyche Stadium at Northwestern is the complete opposite. The photographers there get to work in the press box with a glorious view of the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan.

Another bonus is a fabulous aerial view of the playing field. In fact, I even thought twice about shooting a half of Saturday’s game from up there but I wanted to get some use out of the hand warmers I had purchased earlier in the day.

So, about 30 minutes after the game as I was editing my take, I noticed the NU marching band huddled at midfield. The band’s seniors had formed a circle while the rest of the band formed a larger circle around them. They then started singing the school fight song. 

I quickly grabbed a camera and made some frames of the moment.

It’s not the greatest photo I ever made but I thought it was a sweet little moment during one of the rituals of college athletics that usually goes unseen.


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