route 126

Now that I live out in the boondocks, I spend a lot of time driving on two lane roads.

Route 126 between Yorkville and Plainfield is the most rural road that I travel going to and from work. The recent winter weather and working the night shift have combined to make for some interesting trips.

Here’s a snap from Sunday’s wind-whipped drive.


4 Responses to “route 126”

  1. I love this. Those poles on the left are so perfectly askew yet perfectly placed. Makes me wish I had some snow around me right now, but I’m glad I don’t have to drive in it.

  2. wow, either your windshield is incredibly clean or you are dressed like an Eskimo braving the chance that that car will slide on the snowy, icy road and smack you into all oblivion! lol Really nice frame–it looks really old school, kinda Kertesz-like. Only with cars lol

  3. Merry Christmas and A happy New Year to all of you

  4. Thank you son in llaw for taking such a fantastic photo of Sophie!
    She is a lovely, wonderful and fantastic girl and I love her and miss her a lot.
    Love from mormor

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