northeast by southwest

I am in the midst of three straight days flying on Southwest Airlines.

On Saturday, I flew down to Houston in advance of Sunday’s Bears’ game. Not only was the flight delayed but my bag never made it onto the flight.

I was reunited with my luggage this afternoon when I returned to the airport to fly back to Chicago.

Tomorrow morning, my darling wife and I are off to Sedona, Arizona for a week of R & R.

Here is an 10-second exposure just after take off from Houston this evening. It is amazing how still an airline can be while flying hundreds of miles an hour.

3 Responses to “northeast by southwest”

  1. i never get tired of seeing photos from an airplane, great job

  2. Strazz – Is that another jet outside your window seat? Woh, now I get it, it’s the little winglet. When you get as old as me, you’ll find that gluing your nose to the window as we chronic daydreamers do will produce a hideous neck cramp. Hey, ever see a “Captain’s Bow” from your window? It’s a circular rainbow – really rare and as beautiful a sight as 10-seconds over Houston!

  3. Hi Scott…

    This is one of favorites…


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