star light star bright

Because of the huge amount of noise pollution in Chicago, it is very rare to see a lot of stars even where I live which is 50 miles from the city.

Sedona is a different story.

Except for a wonderful night in Whangamata, New Zealand several years back, I can’t remember every seeing more stars then I did last night in Sedona.

I didn’t bring a tripod on my vacation so here is my attempt at a time exposure of Bell Rock from the roof of my rental car.

5 Responses to “star light star bright”

  1. this is stunning….so beautiful. that’s how i feel about coming to oregon after seeing no sparklies in san fran. except, so so much more amazing. great shot.

  2. great shot… can’t believe you got that without a tripod. I did a 4 hour exposure on my blog here and I could not believe that I did not end up with an airplane contrail in the shot

  3. Hey Scott.

    Happy Holidays and all that happy stuff.

    Staff and I are curious about camera and exposure on this shot. Can you give us some info.


    • Hey Pete! The settings were 1600 iso for 32 seconds at f/2.8. I would have used a longer exposure and a greater depth of field at 100 iso but I couldn’t figure out if my Mark III had a bulb setting or not. Happy New Year to you, too. Scott

  4. That is so beautiful! I could just lay on my back and gaze till the sun comes up! Hope you didnt forget to make a wish!

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