that’s grand

Being from Sweden, my wife Anna has only been out West a couple times so during our trip to Sedona we made a day trip to the Grand Canyon.

Neither of us are tourist-types so we weren’t super excited when we got to the Canyon and found that thousands of others decided to visit on the same day.

We took a little stroll around the South rim and kinda did a Clark Griswold from the movie Vacation visit. A couple quick looks and then back into the car.

I made a handful of postcard snaps during the visit but only really liked this image.

One Response to “that’s grand”

  1. I went to the canyon for the first time last year…I felt the same way. Thousands of people chattering, flocking around with their cameras near the “photograph here” signs…We took a small hike down some steep rocks a couple miles away from one of the tourist traps and watched the sunset. If you get a chance, you should try to get away from all the people and experience one of the wonders of this world…It is truly worth the time

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