pigeon on ice

By strazz

January 11, 2009

Category: Sports


I saw something tonight that I have never seen in my 20 plus years of shooting sports- a pigeon standing at center ice during the middle of a Chicago Blackhawks’ game.
I was hoping that the bird would get caught up in a play but no such luck.
The pigeon was eventually chased off by a referee and never returned to the field of play. However, I assume at this point my flying friend is feasting on spilled popcorn.

8 Responses to “pigeon on ice”

  1. Scott,

    Love the photo, but what do you mean that you wanted the pigeon to get caught in the play? We have enough patients!

    Great work, as always.

    Dawn Keller
    Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation

    • Dawn, of course I never would want any bodily harm to come to a sweet little pigeon. I was hoping that he would trip a hockey player and fly away unscathed. 😉

  2. My first impression was that it must have been at the winter classic outdoor game, but that certainly isn’t a red jersey in the background! I’m not sure if that makes the photo more amuzing, or just more bizaare!

  3. […] landed on the ice at United Center during Sunday night’s Nashville/Chicago game. PD quoted another blogger, who had this to say about the incident. I saw something tonight that I have never seen in my 20 […]

  4. […] we’ll give you Ben Eager, who after smacking the bird would have probably taken a bite, Ozzy style. A much clearer photo of the hockey bird — identified as a pigeon — can be found on Shooting from the Hip; a photo blog by Scott […]

  5. Actually, the pigeon appeared on the ice twice. It flew up to the rafters both times. James Wisniewski even playfully swung his stick towards it at one point.

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