back in the day

I am in a two month stretch where I have or will be showing my work 7 or 8 different times at various schools or photo seminars. The venues vary from the National Geographic in Washington DC for the White House News Photographers’ judging to my stepdaughter Caroline’s 2nd grade class on career day.
I am not super organized so I recently pulled out my box of CDs and DVDs in search of photographs to put in my presentations.
It was interesting to see which photos I still thought were worth sharing and which images that I no longer liked.
The best part was finding forgotten pix that didn’t make a final story edit but in hindsight seem to be better than I originally thought.
My current favorite forgotten oldie was from the 2003 Miss National Sweetheart pageant in Hoopeston, Illinois. The pageant pits runners-up from Miss America qualifying pageants from around the USA. That year’s winner was Miss Georgia, Kandice Pelletier. Here Pelletier takes part in the Sweetcorn Festival parade.

One Response to “back in the day”

  1. Congratulations to Miss Indiana! I am glad to see someone from the heartland win.

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