a day of emotion

I spent the morning roaming the National Mall today during the swearing-in ceremony for Barack Obama.

The point of my wandering was to try and identify a group of people who were going to be emotional during the Inauguration. About an hour before things got rolling I came upon three women from Cleveland who were stationed in front of a huge video screen.

I had a good feeling about them so I decided to stay there through the ceremony.

I got some really sweet shots of the Ohio trio but I also got a nice one from a nearby woman, Dana Pryor-Moncrieffe of Buffalo.

The day felt so historic that I went old school and converted the image to black and white.

If you want to see more from the day go to this Chicago Tribune gallery.

5 Responses to “a day of emotion”

  1. very nice pic scott. it has a timeless feel to it.


  2. Great photo! I really like the three of them celebrating as well. One of the greatest perks of our job is having that front row seat to history. You captured it well….

  3. The Chicago Tribune is in trouble and I can see why you are by far the worst Photographer they have. Everyone reply’s how great the pictures are but I’m sorry, for as many places the Trib sends you they should should get better pictures and there money back.

  4. I was going to comment on how far off the mark the 3rd comment was above, but since it’s SO very far off , that person MUST be joking… or blind.

    I looked at the gallery of your pictures on the Chicago Tribune sight. Was one of your pictures also used on Drudge? You’re absolutely amazing. I check your site daily.
    THanks for taking the time to post your pictures!

  5. This image embodies such a historic moment. Well done on patiently waiting for it.

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