that’s wicked sad

One of the best perks of being a photojournalist is getting to go places that the average person can’t. 

Last night, I was allowed backstage for the final moments of the final Chicago performance of the musical “Wicked”. “Wicked” has been playing at the Oriental Theatre for the past 3 1/2 years. 1500 shows exactly.

The unfortunate part was the spot they told me to stand in was behind and to the side of the stage and when the final bow and emotional speeches were happening, my view was blocked by a large group of extras.

I was able to shoot between the actors but most of my images weren’t very good.

Once the curtain came down, I made the decision to break away from my position and photograph the cast reacting to the finale. These photos were much better. I mostly followed around Annaleigh Ashford who portrayed Glinda. Ashford was one of the more emotional members of the cast and seemed to be getting the lion’s share of the hugs.

I didn’t get a chance to see “Wicked” during its run but the final moments were wonderful.

2 Responses to “that’s wicked sad”

  1. Great photo. Love the moment, light, and color.

  2. Absolutely amazing picture. And you were very lucky to be there to see the final moments. Any chance of seeing the other pictures you got after the curtain came down. If you could send me an email that would be great. I have have a question for you…didn’t want to post it on here.

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