a team without a home

Last November, I was assigned to shoot a homeless mother and her children at Hesed House, a homeless shelter in Aurora, Illinois.

I had never been to Hesed House but I knew that my friend Rob Finch had done some amazing work there during his days at the Beacon News.

Chicago Tribune reporter Liam Ford and I were met by the overnight emergency shelter program director Jason Holmes. After a tour of the facility and a quick photo shoot, I was preparing to leave when Holmes blurted out, “Have you ever heard of the Homeless World Cup?”

I said, “No.” 

Holmes went on to explain the tournament and the fact that he had just organized a homeless soccer team at Hesed House.

Ding, ding, ding! Thank you photo gods for another story falling in my lap.

So, over the past months, I have followed the team  as they have learned soccer from scratch. My original plan was to follow them through June and the World Cup qualifier but due to the possibility of the story being run by another paper, it was published today.

Ted Gregory wrote a wonderful story that can be found HERE and I have a gallery of ten of my favorites on my sportsshooter.com page HERE.

I still plan on following the team through the rest of their journey but I have a feeling there will be a lot more cameras present at their upcoming matches.


5 Responses to “a team without a home”

  1. I like the series you put up on Sports Shooter.

  2. Great photos of an engaging story.

  3. Great work Scott and a really interesting story. Serendipity is a wonderful thing!

  4. Great story and great photos. An interesting place to find an inspiring story.

  5. Scott – when a story ‘falls’ into your lap it’s the same as the second pair of size 13 cleats being handed to a guy so he can join the team on the field. Some would say the universe is alinging things as they should be – some of us know that God has our back, and also tries to put us where we need to be.

    Sometimes we even listen!
    Thank you so much for listening with your heart!

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