red’s night

By strazz

February 11, 2009

Category: Sports

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At halftime of the Chicago Bulls win over the Detroit Pistons Tuesday night, the Bulls’ 1st head coach and long time broadcaster Johnny “Red” Kerr was honored for his 50 years of service to the NBA.

Kerr, whose health has been failing, was feted by Bulls’ legends Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen and even US President Barack Obama chimed in by delivering a video tribute.

Photographically, I was crammed down front amongst the still and tv photojournalists. The biggest challenge was shooting over and around Bill Smith, the 6-foot plus Bulls’ team photographer who was seated directly between the cameramen and Johnny “Red” Kerr.

The highlight of the evening was getting to shoot Michael Jordan again. I will post my favorite Jordan snap of the night later today.


One Response to “red’s night”

  1. Scott,
    I discovered your blog today and immediately got immersed in it. I’ve long known how talented you are, going back to our years working together when we were just pups, and I’ve followed your career with great interest since you joined the Trib. (I still have a pretty good knack for spotting a Strazz photo without seeing the credit line.)

    But even after all these years, I’m never anything less than awestruck by your photography. And when you accompany those brilliant images with your insightful words, all the better.

    My best to you and your family, Scott, and congratulations on all your success.


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