wilted flowers

The Pictures of the Year International (POYi) contest has a new feature this year. They are live streaming the annual contest judging from Columbia, Missouri.

I have tuned in a couple times and it is wild. Not only can you see the year’s best images being voted in and out (mostly out) but the one hundred people allowed to watch at any given time can also participate in a chat room.

Usually photographers bitch about contest judges when the results are released but now they can do it immediately. It is exciting and disgusting at the same time.

Up until this afternoon, all my photos had been voted out by time I got onto the site. Today, I entered as my Olympics’ Michael Phelps’ flower photo was advancing into the final round. 1 of 33. Besides some other stellar shots, it was competing against 6 other Phelps’ celebration photos. I thought that mine was different enough to merit an award but when one judge said that he liked it for that reason, the other judges said it was out of focus and it was voted out.

Oh, well. 

You can decide for yourself by going HERE.

I agree that the focus point isn’t exactly on Phelps face but I think that it is close enough.

This is the downside to contests. I get all worked up by a subjective decision made by 4 people sitting in a darkened room in Middle America when I should only care if the readers liked it.

But I guess most photographers and people in general like to be validated. It’s not like I never have won a contest before, but it still deflates me when I lose.

I will be over it later today just in time to see my sports portfolio get trashed.


11 Responses to “wilted flowers”

  1. For the record, I love, love, love that shot. And isn’t it exciting to be in the top 33 of so many? That’s a great feeling!

  2. You got robbed Scott! That was one of my favorites to come out of the Games. Oh well- good luck with the portfolio….

  3. Well I have a comment to the judges but it is not printable here. Remind me if we are ever having a beer together.

  4. you were robbed. it is totally my favorite Olympics picture. a perfect product of a higher level of thinking and anticipation.

  5. Rob, thanks for the comment! Congrats to you on your 1st place sports portfolio!!!! Wonderful work especially the Tomlinson shot!

  6. I think this photo is awesome. It’s an incredibly unique view of the Olympics, and gives the reader a chance to “see” the incredible athleticism of her son from Michael Phelps’ mother’s eyes, essentially. Nice job. I agree with Rob and Mike: You were robbed.

  7. Damn, man. Watching it on POYi, they made it seem like NOTHING was in focus except that white box. Looks sharp enough to me. Oh, well. Great, different frame nonetheless.

  8. I love this frame! I’m disappointed it got thrown out. It would have gotten my vote…

  9. I still think it was the best Phelps pic to come out of the olympics, no one else captured anything similar, it was absolutely thinking from outside the square and beautifully executed…

    So this reader liked it!

  10. It is so interesting that I checked my RSS reader tonight and got your entry. I was looking through the POY stuff from sports tonight wondering where this photo was!!!!!! Bottom line, it is a contest and that is what it is – a subjective contest. I judged POY once and it is a bizarre experience. This image should have at LEAST gotten an award of excellence.

  11. unique perspective, great moment… i thought it should’ve won. watching that poyi judging was kickass this year. i hope it’s even more interactive next year…

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