time to get back to work

I just returned from Washington, DC after judging the White House News Photographers Association’s annual photo contest.

What a fabulous experience! My co-judges Ami Vitale and Jeannie Adams-Smith were a delight. The venue, the historic National Geographic Grosvenor’s Auditorium, provided the perfect setting to view images and the photos themselves were incredible. (To see the winners go HERE)

The transition from Bush to Obama also made this year’s contest extra special. We judged political images from the campaign, the White House, Capitol Hill and the Inauguration in addition to the normal photo contest categories in news, features, sports, etc..

I always come away from these judging experiences with a mix of inspiration and desperation.

Seeing the work of some of the best photojournalists in the world humbles me and makes me realize that if I am not working my butt off all year long, I have no chance of reaching their level.

I am so fired up to get back to work in my community.

Speaking of my community, here is another photo from the Homeless Soccer story.

Coach Jason Holmes warms up a mini- van outside the Hesed House shelter in Aurora on a frigid February night before driving some of his team to a recreation league match in Plainfield.


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