cameron circa 2005

By strazz

March 2, 2009

Category: home life


I spent last weekend in Fort Worth, Texas at the Southwestern Photojournalism Conference. I had a wonderful time.

I spent time with old friends and made countless new ones.

On Saturday night, I gave  a presentation of some of my work from the past 15 years or so.

One of the images I showed was a shot of my son Cameron that was made at a Tinley Park carnival back in the summer of 2005. Cameron is now 6 inches taller and about 25 pounds lighter but he is still just as cute.

My favorite details of this shot are the skid marks on the pavement, Cameron’s black eye, mismatched shoelaces and his fistful of dollars for the basketball toss game. I think he ended up winning 5 balls that day.

3 Responses to “cameron circa 2005”

  1. Haha, now I can see the black eye and the other details!

    Glad to have met you this weekend!

  2. Love that portrait Scott! Wish I had something like that of me as a kid. Great seeing you again this weekend. Jenn and I send our best.

  3. Now that’s how I remember Cam 🙂 !!!!

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