flat landers

I stopped by the Willow Walk subdivision and the Grabenhofer house today for the first time since late 2008.

Ed and Amanda were at work but the triplets were being watched by their grandfather so I hung out with them for a couple of hours.

I threw together a quick diptych that happens to be fairly similar to one of my earlier pairings but I guess I am just warming up before I get into some more serious diptyching.


5 Responses to “flat landers”

  1. Sorry we missed you. I was very excited to see the new publishing of the story.

  2. I loved the Willow Walk/Grabenhofer series (saw it on MediaStorm). Can you talk (or have you talked elsewhere) of your process for the diptychs? Do you explicitly set out to shoot photos to pair with earlier shots, or do you just shoot and sort–and if so, how do you sort/tag? I thought the original diptychs were amazing–some so subtle and others more obvious but just as compelling.

  3. Thanks Kim! Almost all of the diptychs have happened organically. I will be at the subdivision shooting and something will happen and it will remind me of a scene or a moment or a feeling from the farm story and I will search out the match and put it together.
    The aerial diptych and the one where I shot out of the 2nd floor window of the Grabenhofer home were ones that I thought to do beforehand.
    Occasionally, I will go to the subdivision with a particular farm photo in mind but I never seem to find a match when I do that.

  4. I love that the selection happens organically–which makes me admire the series (and you) even more. Thanks for making wonderful pictures!

  5. Another great addition to the set! I got to see you speak at SPJ and hear you talk about this series. Absolutely incredible work. I immediately told everyone I know to go check it out haha.

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