blackhawk down

By strazz

March 15, 2009

Category: Sports


For the first time this season,  I decided to forego the Tribune’s ice level position and shoot the Blackhawks’ game from the 200 level.

It is much easier to follow the action from up above although sometimes you get blocked by an enthusiastic fan or, like today,  a little girl wearing a two foot high foam cowboy hat.

I love the action along the boards and the looks on the fans’ faces.

I thought this traumatized family reacting to Martin Havlat being checked into the glass was pretty classic.

NOTE- This image appeared in my home-delivered Tribune this morning with the fans cropped out leaving only the two players on the left. Ugh!


3 Responses to “blackhawk down”

  1. For some reason it makes me feel better that your paginators butcher pictures too. I hate when they crop my favorite part out. (Well I hate when they crop period).

  2. uuugggghhhhh! how could they. i hate it when they do that.

  3. I’ve been told I should take more pictures of crowds when I shoot sports and this shows me why. Those reactions are great. I can’t believe they left them out!

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