getting schooled

Recently, I received a call from Kathy Gleason of Saint Francis Xavier School in LaGrange, Illinois.

She phoned to tell me that the school’s preschoolers had done a mural of an Obama Inaugural Youth Ball photo of mine that ran on the front of the Sunday Chicago Tribune back in January.

She invited me to come out and see it and to chat a bit about my job to the students.

I rarely pass up a chance to talk about photography, even to 4-year-olds,  so I quickly said yes.

So, this morning I stopped by the school and saw the mural. I was quite surprised by how good it was. I think it was even better than the original image.

The kids were super cute and even sat still as I went through some of my images from the Inauguration and the Olympics. I even made them look at some of my farm/subdivision diptychs, which luckily had enough cows and dogs in them to keep the youngins entertained.

Overall, it was a fabulous experience and I hope that I planted a seed or two of inspiration in the minds of the children and someday they will come to appreciate photojournalism.

One Response to “getting schooled”

  1. Huh? I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of adults I have encountered in 15 years in the business who know, care about or can even locate a photo credit. And this teacher looks you up and calls you? Wow. Good for you!

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