senior high

By strazz

March 26, 2009

Category: home life


I shot my lovely niece Brittany’s senior portrait this afternoon.

I originally was supposed to photograph her at her home in Indiana a couple weeks back but like a true teenager Brittany was too tired.

Her grogginess turned out to be a good thing because instead of doing the portraits in her suburban backyard, we instead met today at Calumet Park along Lake Michigan on Chicago’s far southeast side.

As a kid, I spent many a day at Calumet Park having grown in the nearby East Side neighborhood.

The light was pretty harsh so we did most of the shoot in the shade of the beach house.

For one of the pix, I took advantage of the new blue paint job and Brittany’s dance background.

It was a fun shoot and a pleasure to spend some time with Britt.

3 Responses to “senior high”

  1. How very cool! Brittany must be delighted!

  2. I likkkkke it! Your taking my senior pics (:

  3. As always, a great picture!!!

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