there is no IIT in team

By strazz

March 27, 2009

Category: Sports


On Thursday afternoon I was given an assignment to photograph an impromptu practice by the members of the Illinois Institute of Technology’s basketball teams.

The practice was impromptu because just days earlier, the players found out that the basketball program at IIT was being eliminated.

Hours before the practice, I was notified that IIT wasn’t allowing the media to attend the practice.

So, instead I was told to go to the campus center before practice to shoot a portrait of the 20 or so members of the men’s and women’s teams. Seriously? How was I supposed to make an engaging portrait of 20 people?

When I arrived the teams had all ready gathered and the scene resembled a wake. Immediately I realized that a portrait wasn’t necessary, in fact, all I had to do was document what was happening. Whew!

Sophomore Shavonne Diamond was by far the most emotional so I stuck with her as she was being consoled by the team captain’s mom and then by the entire team at once.


3 Responses to “there is no IIT in team”

  1. if pictures are worth a thousand words, I wish you could get a snapshot of their hearts and souls right now!

  2. Wow, this image is entrancing and beautifully tragic. As a student I was wondering: Was it difficult to photography someone this upset? How did you approach her and ask her for her name?

  3. Rebecca, thanks for your comments. This was one of those situations where the basketball players wanted to get their story publicized so they were fine with my presence. I had been photographing Shavonne and the other players for about 15 minutes when she started getting emotional.
    She didn’t have a problem with me photographing her but if she did I would have first explained how an emotional photo could help the team’s cause if a bunch of readers were moved by the story and they pressured IIT into reconsidering. If she still said no, then I wouldn’t have published it.
    In most cases were sad things are happening, I try to be as respectful and stealth as possible while still trying to make a compelling image.

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