sign of the times

By strazz

April 6, 2009

Category: Daily work


Whenever I shoot a protest I try very hard to avoid photographing the signage.

It is very tempting to document a person holding a sign and allow the words to deliver the message.

Someone once said that if you remove the signs from a protest photo and it is still a good image then it is ok to have the signs in the photo but if the only thing interesting is the sign than the photographer needs to work harder.

Here is an image from a No Games protest last week that coincided with the International Olympic Committee’s visit to Chicago as the city vies for the 2016 Olympics.

While covering the protest march I intentionally tried to incorporate Chicago 2016 signage into the frame to give the protest some context. This image worked the best as a marcher placed his anti-Olympics sign in front of a billboard however my favorite part is the smiling face on the right juxtaposed with the smiling face mural.


4 Responses to “sign of the times”

  1. I love it.

    Good advice on the protest photos, I will keep that in mind in case I run into one!

  2. Almost all of my protest pictures include signs. Your strategy is a great idea, the next time I’m at a protest I’ll use your tactics.

  3. scott, that is one of the best pieces of advice i’ve ever heard. you should either credit that “someone” or begin using it as your own advice! we’ll allow re-editing of this post to do so!

  4. Scott… your shoots are gordius.. even the comments .
    Sorry for your pals situation- Ya it is Wolfing time ..even
    in the rest of the world.

    My best regards to the family !

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