the end and a new beginning

By strazz

April 9, 2009

Category: Sports


Much has happened with the homeless soccer team since I last posted about the squad.

On April 6th, the team’s founder and coach Jason Holmes was fired from his job as overnight emergency shelter program director. The reason behind the termination is murky at best but according to an article in today’s Chicago Tribune- “Jason Holmes contends that he was told he was fired for speaking with the media, a violation of policy at Hesed House, the Aurora shelter where the team was based.” (The alleged violation was from a recent front page article in the Aurora Beacon News and not the result of the Chicago Tribune article that was published in February)

I have other suspicions but I will keep those private.

Ryan Dowd, Hesed House’s executive director, stated that the shelter will continue to field a team.

Yesterday, Jason, who is now barred from stepping foot on shelter property, met with a handful of the team’s players at the Aurora Public Library and they unanimously pledged their support to Jason and plans are now under way to create a new team unaffiliated with the Hesed House.

The photo I posted here is from the day that Jason was fired. Jason called me with the news and he and his girlfriend Marcie allowed me to come along with them to an Aurora pizzeria as they digested the day’s events. 


2 Responses to “the end and a new beginning”

  1. i noticed a lot of your recent photos are not in focus, are you doing that on purpose

  2. That’s what happens when you get old. Maybe that can be my niche? I can market myself as the Mr. Back Focus.

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