Bean me up, Scotty!

By strazz

April 20, 2009

Category: Sports


To Bean Town and Back.

As a wacky newspaper stunt last Saturday, I was assigned to shoot both Chicago teams’ playoff games.

The catch was that the Bulls’ game was in Boston while the Blackhawks’ game was back in Chicago.

It was a fun trip that went incredibly smoothly. Even with the Bulls’ game going overtime and a bit of traffic heading from O’Hare to the United Center, I was able to shoot both games.

In addition to photographing the action, I also documented my journey. A slideshow of the day can be found HERE on


7 Responses to “Bean me up, Scotty!”

  1. Scott, you are a BEAST! Two awesmoe frames and under the gun. How do you do it?

  2. Do you all still strobe Basketball games? I know that used to be the standard but I remember reading a year or so back that there were some stadiums switching to higher powered ambient lighting to negate the need for strobes… Its been a long time since I have watched basketball (hint, MJ was still playing :))

  3. Kevin, for a year or so in the early 2000s, the Chicago Tribune rented lights at the United Center. I didn’t like it. Mostly because it took so long for the lights to recycle I would miss all the good action.
    The improvement now is in the cameras not the lights. The lights at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston weren’t super bright. I shot most of the game at 1600 iso. 1600 now is 1000% better than back when I was shooting Extapress 1600 film. Ugh! That was some bad stuff.

  4. Cool! That is kind of what I have heard these days, strobes aren’t necessary 🙂

    Thanks for the reply! Looks like a pretty neat series. Wish the Trib had a better slide show player… Cracked me up that the woman on the plane recognized you from the little picture on the top of the sports section!

  5. Very cool trip, I think. But I have a question… why? Are you the only photographer working weekends at the Trib. now?

    And where did you get that shirt? OK that was two.

    Hope all is well.

  6. Strazz: Second on the retro shirt! Mary Compton says hello.

  7. Hey, one of your shots is on APAD today!

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